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Welcome to Henry Care

The Henrycare Story

Arthur & Maisie Henry started the business A. and M. Henry in 1956 by responding to a patient requirement - the need to lift a disabled patient from a bed. Their innovative hydraulic Patient Lifter was developed, patented and produced for the next 35 years. Such was the Lifter's success, that Lifters in general in NSW came to be known as “Henrys”. Their actions commenced a long tradition of responding to customer needs with a high quality product and service.

Their business expanded to provide high quality, long lasting personal hygiene equipment (shower and toilet) and rehabilitation walkers for hospitals and nursing homes. Equipment was also designed in conjunction with NSW Repatriation Hospitals and Occupational Therapists and their supply enabled returned War Veterans and their families to continue living safely in their own homes.

Today HenryCare, ( the trading name of A. and M. Henry), designs and manufactures a range of equipment and is one of very few companies which can supply custom made, personalised equipment. Most equipment has a 5 year warranty. Bariatric (heavy duty) products are a specialty of HenryCare.

Minor and major modifications to homes are made throughout Australia by HenryCare particularly for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Rehab companies and for private clients.

HenryCare Service Technicians are available for Breakdown service and repairs. Their mobile vans are equipped with a range of tools and parts to fix most problems on site. All makes and models, any age, and a wide range of equipment can be repaired. Repairs are carried out in hospitals, private homes, Aged Care Facilities, and other institutions for disabled and aged patients. HenryCare offers this service in all Eastern states.

HenryCare offers an extensive preventative Maintenance Program for equipment in Aged Care Facilities, hospitals, private homes and other institutions. Electrical and mechanical checks are carried out and repairs made if required. In Australia, to achieve Accreditation, Aged Care Facilities are required to have a "planned, documented, preventative and corrective maintenance program " in place. HenryCare provides Summary Reports to customers who have Maintenance Programs in place and these reports assist with Accreditation.