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The Department of Veterans' Affairs Information

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  2. Service Provider Standard Terms & Conditions
  3. Grab Rail & Hand Rail Installations Codes of Practice
  4. DVA Applications For Registration Form
  5. DVA Capabilities & Trade Skills Form

RAP Direct Order

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The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) is a Department of the Australian Government which provides a range of services to men and women who have served in Australia's Defence Forces. The services and support offered by the DVA include income support, disability compensation, health care, pensions, housing loans, and a financial information service. As many veterans are now elderly the DVA provides a home modification service which allows veterans to continue to live at home rather than in an institution. Access ramps, hand rails, grab rails, hand showers, stairway modifications, bath seats, non slip floor treatments, shower booth modifications, and light switch relocations are typical home modifications provided. HenryCare in conjunction with ParaQuad has a contract to carry out these modifications for the DVA throughout the whole of Australia and has a network of Accredited Service Providers ("contractors") in place to carry out work as directed. Work is carried out to standards stipulated by the DVA and HenryCare and backed up by a comprehensive management information system which generates reports on all work as required. The DVA has strict quality and accountability procedures in place which HenryCare must comply with.

The process for DVA home modifications is as follows:

  • An Occupational Therapist provides HenryCare with complete specifications for modifications to a veteran's home and any clinical justification where required.
  • HenryCare reviews the specifications to ensure that they comply with DVA rules and to obtain any DVA "Prior Approvals" required.
  • HenryCare faxes a Work Order to an accredited network service provider along with relevant drawings and information and notifies the OT who is carrying out the task.
  • The work is completed within DVA timeframes, verified by the veteran, and notified to both the OT and HenryCare within 24 hours.
  • The Work Order and invoice is faxed back to HenryCare within 24 hours of completion.
  • The DVA is invoiced by ParaQuad for the modification.
  • The Service Provider section of this website outlines on-site procedures whichHenryCare service providers must comply with at all times when carrying out work for HenryCare.
  • In order to meet the timely completion of the DVA work, Network Service Providers ("contractors") can access all standard items, such as rails, handshowers, wedges etc as well as custom built grab rails, galvanised handrails and timberwork from HenryCare and receive special discounts for home modifications items for non DVA work. There are comprehensive product catalogues on this website showing most home modifications items and equipment.

OT Information

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